2023 Membership Applications are available now!!!

Sign up online by following the directions listed below.

*Please note discounts are only available until May 15th, 2023.

Online Membership Sign Up Instructions

1.  www.cvco.online/

2. Click on “Signup now”

3. Enter email, username and password. Click on Accept Terms and Register.

4. Email will be sent to activate your account (check your junk mail).  Activate your account and Log In.

5. Once logged in, fill out your primary users information under “My Account”.

6. Click on “My Memberships”.

7. Click on “New Order”

8. Click on “Choose Membership”.  Click on  the membership you would like to purchase from the drop down box. Then click on “Make Payment”.

9. Click on “Add additional Member” if you need to add members. Click on “Make Payment”. 

10. This will take you to Square to make your online payment.  You will receive a confirmation email from Square. 

11. Log Out of account. Once you log back in, under “Membership”, your membership will be marked “Active”. 

Email us at CVCOinfo@gmail.com for questions regarding Membership.


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