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John and Ruth B. Gould Recreation Center Rental Rules and Regulations
  1. Completing the required forms does not automatically constitute approval. Rental requests will be reviewed and accepted based on the discretion of the Recreation Manager and CVCO Board of Directors. CVCO Members will receive preference for conflicting rental times.

  2. The CVCO Board reserves the right to reject any rental it feels is not appropriate for its facility.

  3. Payment must be received 72 hours prior to the scheduled rental time. Failure to pay prior to 72 hours will result in the rental being cancelled.

  4. A $250 deposit for all party rentals is required. Rental time will not be reserved until the deposit is received. Deposit must be in the form of a check. The deposit will be cashed at the discretion of the Board after the rental time has been completed.

  5. Photo ID of the primary renter and Primary Renter’s Roster are due 1 week prior to the scheduled rental time.

  6. You must be twenty-one (21) years or older to rent the Recreation Center.

  7. Alcohol and Tobacco use at the facility and on CVCO property are strictly prohibited.

  8. Pets are prohibited inside the facility (service animals are allowed)

  9. The use of inflatables is permitted if you meet the following requirements:​​
    a.  must provide a certificate of insurance from the rental company
    b.  Must provide an inflatable operator to monitor the use of the inflatable. CVCO reserves the right to monitor this via video camera. CVCO can provide an operator for an additional $20 per hour. 
    c. No personal inflatables are permitted.
    d. Primary renter must be present at the time of the inflatable set up and clean up for training on inflatable operation. 

  10. General cleaning is required after a party rental. Cleaning includes, but is not limited to:

  11. Taking garbage to the CVCO dumpster.

  12. Removing all decorations, tape, command hooks, etc. from the walls.

  13. Dry mopping the floor.

  14. CVCO has the right to retain your deposit should you damage the property and/or the gym is left unclean.

  15. No dunking or hanging on the rims are allowed.

  16. Use of profanity and/or violence is strictly prohibited.

  17. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated on CVCO property.

  18. Violation of any of the rules and regulations will result in immediate dismissal from the facility, forfeiture of the rental fee and/or restriction of future use of the facility at the discretion of the CVCO Board of Directors.

  19. The Primary Renter will be issued an entry code to the facility, shall be present during the scheduled time listed and is solely responsible for all activities during the scheduled time.

  20. The entry code shall be utilized to enter the facility during the scheduled rental time ONLY.

  21. The Primary Renter bares sole financial responsibility for any damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen equipment.

  22. The Primary Renter is responsible for any damage occurring to the building, ground or equipment during their scheduled time.

  23. Any abuse and/or non-conformance of the Rental Rules and Regulations shall render the rental agreement null and void at the discretion of the CVCO Board of Directors and result in forfeiture of all monies paid.

  24. The Primary Renter is responsible for general clean up, including the restrooms and trash disposal after use of the facility.

  25. The Primary Renter is responsible for turning off all lights and ensuring all doors are locked.

  26. Adults must accompany all children under the age of 18. Children 12 years or younger must have one adult for every 10 children. Children ages 13 through 17 must have one adult for every 15 children.

  27. It is understood that the Primary Renter and Gym Participants will comply with the John and Ruth Gould B. Recreation Center Rental Rules and Regulations set forth by the CVCO Board of Directors.

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